Who should run the SEC in an Obama administration?

It didn’t take long after last night’s incredibly moving celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park when Senator Barack Obama became President-Elect Obama for attention to turn to key jobs in an Obama Administration. Already, there’s lots of talk about Rep. Rahm Emanuel being offered the Chief of Staff position.

While most of the attention will focus on the big jobs — Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of Defense, among others — I can’t help but wonder who President Obama will appoint to head the SEC, a job that is very important to most readers. Chris Cox, whom John McCain famously (and incorrectly) said on the campaign trail he would fire if he were President, even though Presidents don’t have that power, has said he plans to leave at the end of President Bush’s term.

So here’s my suggestion for SEC Chair: Nell Minow. While her Wikipedia profile highlights her role as “Movie Mom”, it’s her role as a shareholder activist at LENS and now as co-founder of The Corporate Library that makes her a natural for this critical position. She’s spent time in Washington, D.C., at The Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Management and Budget, but can hardly be called a career bureaucrat. And, if you’ve ever heard her speak — a speech she gave to business journalists over a dozen years ago sparked my interest in diving into filings — you know that she’s both passionate and incredibly knowledgable.

Have a better idea for SEC Chair in an Obama Administration? Post your thoughts below.

Image Source: The Corporate Library