What about Paris?

Earlier today, Oracle (ORCL) filed this merger agreement with Siebel Systems (SEBL), which it announced on Monday it was acquiring for $5.85 billion, or $10.66 a share.

The agreement notes that Siebel founder Thomas Siebel will continue to consult with the company, though it provides no details on the arrangement. Siebel leases space at the company’s headquarters in San Mateo and another company he controls leases a plane to Siebel Systems.

But here’s the real question: what about Paris? Siebel has leased his luxe Paris apartment to the company he founded for the past few years, something I blogged about last year and which the company still lists as one of its four offices in France, even though Siebel’s most recent proxy said it had ended the agreement. Oracle already has a Paris office so who knows what will happen?