Welcome to the New, Improved footnoted

We’re excited to finally welcome you to the new and improved version of footnoted.

Long in the works, our new site features deeper content, real-time updates, improved search capability, complete archival access, better organization, and a more user-friendly experience. We think it’s a great way to kick off our 10th anniversary year!

As always, footnoted* blog posts are free for everyone.

Access to our Red Flag Alerts and Research Reports, requires a footnoted*Pro subscription.

To subscribe, click here.

The service is complemented by a weekly newsletter, which will be delivered via email every Tuesday night.

As you can see from our homepage, the new site provides a better window into our crucial “Red Flag Alerts,” highlighting the most critical developments as we find them.

In addition, all our reports, research, and data are easily searchable and categorized by topic. For example, subscribers can check out recent disclosures by category, such as accounting issues, investigations, and even the infamous Friday Night Dump.

Aside from the blog posts and our twitter feed, both of which are free to read, footnoted will remain a service for paying subscribers (which we call footnoted*Pro). We’ve made it a lot easier to subscribe. You can now subscribe online, or you can contact and we’ll help you along.

We appreciate your ongoing support and patience as we developed the new service. We hope that you’ll be as excited about the many improvements as we are!