Welcome to the blog-reel!

Today, I’m launching a new category based on readers’ requests called the Blog Reel, which will periodically take a look at companies I’ve written about in the past and see how they’re doing now. Why would anyone care? Because stocks that disclose all sorts of strange things in their filings tend not to make the best investments. Long-time readers may recall that only a month after I launched, I wrote about Krispy Kreme’s unusual related party transactions and questioned why nobody else seemed to be paying attention to them. At the time, the stock was still a Wall Street darling and was trading at around $40 a share.

Today’s blog-reel goes back to mid-May when I wrote about a growing list of curious related-party transactions at Trans World Entertainment (TWMC). At the time, Trans World’s stock was trading at around $13. Less than six months later, the stock is now trading under $7 a share.

One big caveat here: SEC filings should never be your only basis for making investment decisions. But the clues that companies sprinkle throughout the filings can often provide important information about the company that you’re unlikely to pick up anywhere else.