Weekend plans?

images8.jpegAs most people know, we’re on the cusp of a long weekend, which means two things: there will probably be some interesting filings made late tonight and there’s a lot of corporate jets starting to gather at Teterboro. We don’t know about the late-afternoon filings yet, but a quick scan of FlightAware for scheduled departures at Teterboro and New York’s Republic — the airports of choice for New York’s corporate jet set — shows that there’s a pretty even split between beach and ski plans this weekend, though beach seems to be winning, at least so far.

Among the favorite destinations? Palm Beach is tops, at least based on the data so far. But Naples, on Florida’s west coast, is a close second. There’s also a number heading a bit further south, to the Caribbean for the weekend, including St. Maarten, Providenciales and Bermuda. And one plane that’s headed to San Salvador. As for those who prefer snow to sun? Aspen is the favorite, followed closely by Jackson Hole.

And now two programming notes: I expect to be on CNBC on Tuesday morning at around 8:20 a.m. to talk about corporate jet usage. And: I was experimenting with a new calendar plugin last night to let readers know about upcoming speaking events and didn’t realize until this morning that the experiment had caused an email alert. Apologies for the inbox clutter. The SEC is closed on Monday, so will be back on Tuesday with the best of the late Friday filings. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

UPDATE 2/19: The interview on CNBC set for 2/20 has been rescheduled.