We are family…

January 27, 2004

Two relatives of Maximus (MMS) Chairman and CEO David V. Mastran certainly have something to sing about lately, according to the company’s proxy statement. In fiscal 2003, they walked away with hefty raises. Mastran’s son-in-law, Kevin, which the proxy describes as a manager in Maximus’ office of Information Systems, saw his salary increase 34% in fiscal 2003. And Mastran’s brother, Joseph, which the proxy describes as a corporate real estate specialist, saw his salary increase by more than 25%. But the company did eliminate one Mastran from the corporate payroll — sort of — when Mastran’s wife, Donna, resigned from her $125,000 a year job in April 2003. The proxy notes that she remains a consultant to the company, though it’s not clear from the filings how much she’s still being paid.

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