Want a copy of our 2011 M&A picks?

As footnoted regulars know, we often engage in a parlor game called “guess the next M&A” target. One of our recent successes was our prediction — all the way back in March 2009 — that Jo-Ann Stores (JAS) would be taken over. At the time, the company was trading at just over $14. When the deal was announced just before Christmas, the takeover price was $61. At the end of November, we also told Pro subscribers that the worst was over for Warner Music Group (WMG). This morning, there’s news from our friends at DealBook that Warner Music has hired Goldman Sachs (GS) to seek out a potential buyer, sending the stock up over 20% today.

Of course, we’re hardly the only ones engaging in this guessing game. There are literally countless websites that focus on M&A speculation, many of which we read regularly. But we’re pretty sure that our institutional level subscription service, FootnotedPro, is one of the only ones out there that uses our deep understanding of SEC filings and how they work, to make our calls.

Last week, we put out a report with our top 10 M&A picks for 2011 based on our research. For the past week, it’s only been available to subscribers of FootnotedPro. Now, we’ve decided to make it available to our readers. Just fill out this form (and be sure to include a valid email address from either a corporate or university domain) and we’ll send you a copy.

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