True north…

images5.jpegThere’s no shortage of stories of people moving from California to Oregon, including this magazine, whose name probably won’t make it through most work filters. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that Thomas Weisel Partners (TWPG), a firm deeply rooted in San Francisco, is also making the move. Not all of Weisel — just a new unit devoted to small and mid-caps headed by the former lead portfolio manager for Bank of America’s (BAC) Columbia Management unit, Kenneth Korngiebel. Though the company briefly mentioned the new office in its fourth quarter call last month and issued a press release announcing Korngiebel’s hiring in late October, the 10-K that it filed late Friday had some more details, including a copy of the lease for nearly 20,000 square feet of space.

But that wasn’t the only interesting lease in Friday’s K. There was also three other leases for some of the excess space in San Francisco and Menlo Park, including this small lease with Arastra Inc., a company whose site and curious quiz (I scored a failing 2 out of 10, just by filling in random dots) seem to scream stealth-mode.

Other companies that Weisel is leasing space to include Cedar Associates, Gyrographic Communications and The Alexander Group. So not everyone is moving to Oregon.