The SEC’s Friday night filing…

Usually, I write about some company that hoped to bury something interesting by filing late on a Friday. This time, however, it’s the SEC that filed late Friday. Following up on the Jan. 17 meeting, the SEC released its proposed rules for changing both compensation disclosure and the rules on related-party transactions.

Weighing in at 370 pages, the proposal is larger than many books and I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. But Broc Romanek, over at provides a brief summary here and I’m sure he’ll be writing about it lots more.

Know that a fair number of attorneys probably spent the better part of their weekends reading the proposal and are likely to write lots of letters challenging various points. That’s why it’s so important for readers to get their own comments in. The link to submit comments is here. Once I’ve had a chance to read the proposal, I’ll be posting a copy of my comment letter on the blog.