The road forward?

roadthumbnail.jpegSo yesterday, the House Financial Services Committee passed legislation — cutely called “Say on Pay” — that would theoretically give investors more of a say on executive compensation. Of course, it still has to pass the full House. And then the Senate, which hasn’t even scheduled a Committee hearing on this. And then be signed by President Bush, which if it even survives that long, will likely be watered down. Since January, I’ve made three separate requests to interview Rep. Barney Frank about this proposal for readers, but have so far been rebuffed. Luckily, he doesn’t feel the same way about CNBC, where you can watch this four-part video. So get the popcorn and start watching. I’ve only made it through Part 1 so far, but plan to watch the rest soon.

As for SEC filings, I’ll be back a little later today. With proxy season in full-throttle, I’m going to start posting more frequently than once a day over the next month, since there’s so many things coming out that it’s getting too difficult to choose just one.