Textron’s latest perk: Cessna parking

Friends of mine who live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan routinely complain about how much it costs to park their car near their house: over $500 a month. Since they only really use the car on weekends, they park it in Harlem instead and pay less than half that.

I thought about the high cost of parking an ordinary car in Manhattan when I came across this exhibit in Textron’s (TXT) most recent 10-Q. Under the agreement, Textron will provide COO Scott Donnelly a parking spot at T.F. Green Airport near company headquarters in Providence for his Cessna 206. The spot isn’t free: Donnelly will have to pay $450 a month. Textron will pick up various other costs though.

We have no idea if $450 a month is a fair rate for this sort of thing. Our go-to guy on aviation describes this plane as a “little piston popper” so maybe the price is fair given how small the plane is. Still, it caught our attention because while it’s pretty common for a company to lease a plane owned by an executive, we haven’t seen a lot of parking space agreements.


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