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On equal pay and election day…
November 6, 2012—Today being election day, there’s been endless talk over the past few weeks about the women’s vote — waitress moms, Walmart moms, single women, you name it. Being a suburban mom who took my son to vote in his first presidential election this morning, I couldn’t help but think about all of this talk when […]

Are there secrets in SEC filings?
July 16, 2012—Over the past few days, it seems as if footnoted has picked up a bit of competition from enterprising journalists discovering the vast amount of stuff contained in SEC filings. We refer, of course, to the various articles about Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, and when exactly he served as CEO of […]

Is it time for mandatory retirement ages to go?
July 13, 2012—Once upon a time, 65 was considered old. That’s when Social Security kicked in and people were supposed to stop working. Then again, life expectancies were somewhere around 72. Now, articles like this one routinely tout 65 as being the new 45. While many workplaces have embraced this new dynamic — see this Knowledge @ […]

Too busy to read SEC filings…
April 20, 2012—For the past few days, I’ve been down in Florida, a place I once called home, driving between St. Pete, Winter Park, Sarasota and Venice to speak to local chapters of the American Association of Individual Investors. Since I (and the rest of team footnoted) spend a lot of our time in front of our […]

Wondering how golden parachutes stay aloft?…
January 18, 2012—How could what started as a good idea go so far astray? Does an executive ever deserve $100 million… or more? In theory, golden parachutes started out with a reasonable premise: Executives should act in the best interest of a company and its shareholders. And, in some cases, that might mean leading the company into […]

In memoriam: Kumara 2000-2011
August 1, 2011—Regular readers of footnoted know that my dog, Kumara, has been an important part of the site since, well, since before there even was a footnoted. He was at my side as I researched and wrote my book, was at my feet when I registered the footnoted.org domain name, and was the sole employee for […]

SEC works to get rid of “The Lease to Nowhere”…
July 7, 2011—The temperature may have officially reached the high 80s yesterday afternoon in Washington, D.C., but we bet it was significantly hotter in room 2167 of the Rayburn House Office Building. That’s where the SEC’s Chairman, Mary Schapiro, and its Inspector General, H. David Kotz, were in the hot seat to answer questions for the Congressional […]

A plea to end the congratulations!
September 17, 2010—It’s a Friday, and for me (and many others) the beginning of a New Year and a somber period full of reflection. So here’s my Yom Kippur wish: can we finally end the rampant “Congratulations” that goes on during earnings calls and other calls with analysts? I thought about this when I was reading this […]

Footnoted and the seven year itch…
August 18, 2010—For my seventh wedding anniversary, I gave Mr. Footnoted a giant tube of Cortisone cream, the type that you can only buy at a Costco or BJs. It was a joke based on the so-called “Seven Year Itch” that causes some marriages to go stale. I mention this because today happens to be the seventh […]

On Tyson and T-Day…
November 24, 2009—On Friday night, I went to a screening of Food Inc. with Director Robert Kenner at the Phillipstown Depot, the former train station in Garrison that has been turned into a small theater. After the screening, Kenner took questions from the audience and I couldn’t help but ask whether he (and his researchers) had relied […]