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Fortress worries about Obama’s plans and other new rules…
November 19, 2008—Last Thursday, we had the spectacle of five top hedge fund managers testifying on Capitol Hill. Several Congressmen honed in on the current tax code which allows hedge fund partners (and other partnerships) to be taxed at a lower rate because of the rules on carried interest. At last week’s hearing, George Soros and Jim […]

Live blogging hedge fund hearing!
November 13, 2008—Today’s main event — the fifth in a series of hearings examining the market meltdown — is likely to be a lively hearing featuring five top hedge fund managers and a group of professors, among them former SEC Chairman David Ruder. The prepared testimony is available on the committee’s site. Henry Waxman just opened the […]

Short list continues to grow…
October 7, 2008—Late Friday, the SEC announced that the short-sale ban that it had put in place on Sept. 19 would end at midnight tomorrow night. So imagine my surprise when I checked the list that came out last night to see that it continues to grow. As of last night, there were 981 companies on the […]