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Weight Watchers International Inc
July 10, 2012—

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Dialing for dollars carries some risks…
January 27, 2012—While digging through Discover Financial Services’ (DFS) 10-K yesterday, we noticed an interesting disclosure about a class action lawsuit filed against the company last November in federal court in California’s Northern District. It seems that one of Discover’s card holders had a beef against the company because it allegedly “…contacted him, and members of the […]

AmeriGas Partners, L.P.
November 21, 2011—

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And the beef goes on (at Yum)…
April 27, 2011—You probably remember the big dust-up a few months ago over what exactly was in Taco Bell’s beef. A class action lawsuit was filed in California federal court in late January, 2011 by Alabama-based law firm Beasley, Allen against Taco Bell, a subsidiary owned by Yum Brands (YUM). Beasley Allen’s petition claimed that Taco Bell’s […]

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
July 17, 2009—Every now and then, we come across a slide in some seemingly boring presentation to a group of analysts that actually catches our attention. That’s exactly what happened when we saw this 30-page presentation filed in an 8-K by eyewear manufacturer FGX International (FGXI). But it was this slide in particular: We can understand the […]

Smithfield blames the media…
May 15, 2009—Last Friday, it was AIG (AIG) that was blaming the media for its woes. This week, it’s Smithfield Foods’ (SFD) turn. In this presentation filed as part of an 8-K earlier this week and given by Smithfield President C. Larry Pope on Wednesday, Smithfield noted that between April 23-26, “media and blogs speculate on possible […]

Drive-thru window 10-K reading…
February 27, 2009—With literally hundreds of 10Ks coming across the screen this week, it’s hard to spend too much time on any one. Instead, I find myself looking for a quick snack — something tasty and satisfying enough to help get me through the next batch of filings — the equivalent of a Big Mac and full-HFCS […]

Too much traffic for Live Nation….
August 4, 2008—Every so often, we take a break from our usual trawl through SEC filings to talk about a real life experience with a publicly traded company. On Friday night, a normally robust time for filings, I kicked off early to head up to Saratoga Springs and catch Elvis Costello and the Police in a concert […]

Food for thought at Smithfield…
July 3, 2008—As we head into the Fourth of July holiday and what will no doubt be a weekend full of BBQs, I can’t seem to get a number that I saw in the 10K that Smithfield Foods (SFD) filed last week out of my head: their slaughter capacity in the U.S. has now reached 122,000 pigs […]

Can I get my 2 days back, American Airlines?
March 20, 2008—Footnoted regulars know that I really stay focused on the filings. But on rare occasions, it seems worthwhile to share a personal experience involving a publicly traded company to provide a perspective that’s not readily visible in the filings. And my experience with American Airlines (AMR) these past two days shows just how bad airline […]