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September 26, 2011—

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Extraordinary medical coverage for an extraordinary CEO?
July 1, 2011—Lots of CEOs of publicly traded companies like to think of themselves as celebrities, but we can’t think of many other than John F. Crowley that can actually say that their life story led to a movie starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser. The movie, Extraordinary Measures, was based on a book about Crowley, The […]

On Cathie Black’s retirement from IBM..
March 11, 2011—Cathie Black, the former chairman of Hearst Magazines, isn’t known for being sensitive. After New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got some flak for appointing her as New York City’s next school chancellor, she made even more enemies by (jokingly) telling concerned parents gathered at a meeting that the best way to solve overcrowding problems at […]

Priscilla Presley gets a raise…
November 9, 2010—We thought we had a pretty good understanding of the basic rules of SEC filings, having done this for close to a decade now. But every now and then, we come across a disclosure that just makes us scratch our heads. Take, for example, the 42% raise that CKX (CKXE) granted to Priscilla Presley back […]

The Cost of __£Cool__ã at Quiksilver__»
June 10, 2010—According to pro surfer Kelly Slater’s website, he’s the —greatest surfer of all time. Of course, we’re in no position to disagree: He’s won 9 world titles and dozens of competitions. He surfs with Cameron Diaz, for Pete’s sake. The guy exudes cool. As you might imagine, getting a celebrity like Slater to endorse your […]

Ralph Lauren’s Proxy is a Pageturner!
July 7, 2009—Last Thursday, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL) filed its proxy with the SEC, and – while it wasn’t exactly the same experience as relaxing on the beach with a thriller – it was a pretty dramatic read. Our protagonist is a guy named Ralph. At age 69, he’s at the top of his game. The […]

Martha Stewart’s contract made us do it__».
February 13, 2009—Note to the Martha fans: We like Martha. We really do. Those heart-shaped, hand-written notes she adds to tea bags for her guests? Very thoughtful. And the Sweet-Heart arrangement she created with red tulips and cinnamon candies? Lovely! Especially for Valentine’s Day. So — with that acknowledgment out of the way, and the fact that […]

MSO pays $2 million to use Martha Stewart’s homes…
August 13, 2008—Except for that nasty skirmish with the SEC a few years ago, Martha Stewart’s got it pretty good. In exchange for showing us how to make Chicken Pot-au-Feu and silk-flower ring pillows, she earned more than $2 million last year. Could that deal be any more perfect? Yes, thanks to a big raise that Martha’s […]

Paris Hilton’s romp through SEC filings…
August 11, 2008—Last week, we learned that Paris Hilton has a strong sense of irony. And on Friday, during a conference call following Sally Beauty’s third quarter earnings, we learned that Paris has some other hidden talents as well. Here’s what Sally President and CEO Gary Winterhalter had to say about Paris: As you recall, in May […]