Sysco exec: Gone hunting

It’s been awhile since we’ve come across examples of executives going hunting and fishing on the corporate dime. Then again, we are out of proxy season, so one would expect these sorts of disclosures to be a bit rarer. But late Friday, we caught a brief disclosure in Sysco’s (SYY) preliminary proxy that caught our attention.

Stephen W. Smith, an executive vice president at Sysco for the South and West, apparently has an interest in a hunting lodge that the proxy notes is used for “customer or supplier hunting trips”. It’s a new disclosure for Sysco probably because Smith was not a named executive until this past year. Still, he’s been with the company since 1980, so chances are that while the disclosure is new, the perk is not. It’s not clear from the filing where the hunting lodge is or how big it is.

Granted, at under $20K, it’s nowhere near as extravagant as some of the other hunting expenses we’ve seen over the years. Nor is it as outrageous as the fishing camp that won the prize for worst footnote of the year in 2008.

Maybe one way to look at it is that Sysco is doing its own little experiment in the hunting and gathering movement and away from mass-produced food. Wouldn’t that be ironic?