cuffs.jpegWe take a break from our usual troll through the filings to talk about someone who is stealing content from a number of the top business bloggers, including this site as well as The Big Picture, Random Roger, Trader Mike, Jack Ciesielski and even Eric Savitz of Barron’s. Many of us have already sent cease and desist letters to the person operating this spam blog or splog and not so surprisingly, have received no response to our multiple emails and requests to stop stealing our content.

Rather than give you the name of the site doing the stealing, which would only serve to drive up their traffic, which judging by a quick skim of the person’s Technorati profile is minuscule, I would encourage you to contact Google (GOOG) AdWords, since this splogger is stealing all of our content to generate revenue via Google’s popular AdWords site. You can also contact his hosting company Host Monster and tell them to take the site down.

Trust me — I’d much rather be digging through SEC filings than dealing with rip-off artists looking to make a quick buck off of all of our hard work. But this type of thing is unacceptable and needs to stop. And since the person perpetrating the crime refuses to respond, the only thing to do is bring public attention to it.