Something to celebrate…

cake.jpegHard to believe it, but started three years ago today. What started as a modest effort to plug my first only book, has taken on a life of its own. Looking back to that very first post reminds me of just how far has come. Back then, a good traffic day meant 25 people were looking at the site, and most of those were relatives. Now, traffic has grown so sharply that I’m thinking about splurging for a dedicated server (to avoid a Joe Lieberman-like problem). The site’s growth wouldn’t be possible without a few key people who prefer to remain anonymous because of their day jobs, but who pitch in by spotting interesting filings and take over when I need to take a break from reading SEC filings (you know who you are, guys!). There’s also my web guru, Danny and my trusty attorney, Roy. And, of course, there’s all of you, who by reading and commenting, help to make a valuable place for independent news on publicly traded companies.

Since we launched, has been recognized by numerous media outlets for its high quality and consistency. And just this week, we were named one of Time magazine’s "50 coolest" sites, which is a pretty nifty birthday present. Of course, keeping the site going takes a lot of hard work. Because we are advertising-free, we rely soley on contributions from our many generous readers. Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer to, I hope that you’ll consider a donation to mark our third birthday.

Happy investing!