So many filings, so little time…

images-15.jpegLast night, as I was digging through Friday’s crop of filings, there were so many interesting things that this morning, it’s too hard to choose just one. So here’s a quick hit-list:

Bemis Co. (BMS) disclosed that it’s really into polyester. In the proxy filed late Friday, it disclosed that it was buying a lot more polyester from a company run by the brother-in-law of Bemis CEO, Jeffrey Curler. In 2006, the company bought $12.6 million worth of products from Pacur. That’s a nearly 30% increase over the $9.9 million purchased in 2005, though, of course, you would have had to dig through the 2005 proxy to find the increase.

In the allowances have gone up a lot since I was a kid category, Odyssey RE Holding (ORH) disclosed that new CFO R. Scott Donovan receives a $3,000 bi-weekly “living allowance” to cover various perks. And in another sign that things have really changed, the allowance even includes a gross up for taxes. Kids: try using that argument with your parents!

Meadowbrook Insurance Group (MIG), which coincidentally was named one of The’s top 10 small cap stocks on Friday, disclosed it spent $80K on a country club initiation fee for CEO Robert Cubbin.

Finally, there was the Enron Beelzebub award for smallest and hardest-to-read print (though in fairness, it was after midnight when I looked at it) which goes to Ryder Systems (R), for the disclosure in its proxy on various perks. Disclosure in name only isn’t really disclosure. And to think that Ryder received a rare gold star back in January.