Snow day perk patrol…

images-23.jpegIt’s a snow day here in New York, which gives me plenty of time to plow through the filings, since I’d much rather sit at the computer then shovel. One of my favorite finds was in this filing from CSX (CSX), which disclosed for the first time that 156 of its top executives get 50% discounts at the CSX-owned Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, where rates for a “standard room” start at around $424. For those not familiar with the Greenbrier, it also has a once-secret underground bunker that was designed to protect Congress from nuclear fallout or something equally perilous. In the filing, the company notes that the perk is “not to exceed $10,000”. Directors also qualify for the discount, judging from the “all other comp” table in the filing.

In the 10-K that Nexen (NXY) filed yesterday, it disclosed spending over $31K to provide President and CEO Charles Fischer with a car allowance last year, the same amount it spent in 2006. While the company doesn’t disclose what kind of wheels Fischer is driving, at $2,500 a month, they must be pretty special.

Finally, Dave Milstead at the Rocky Mountain News untapped some interesting perks at Molson Coors (TAP), including five company-paid trips to the U.K. for the spouse of Coors Brewing CEO Peter Swinburn. Swinburn, however, only gets four company-paid trips to the U.K.