Sifting through the rumor mill at Rackable…

images-26.jpegSince mid-May, rumors have been circulating that Rackable Systems (RACK) is about to be bought by Dell (DELL). While Rackable has denied the rumors, it’s also been busy updating various agreements with top executives, including this amended agreement for CFO Madhu Ranganathan filed late on Tuesday.

That’s in addition to several other agreements that have caught my eye over the past few months. In the interest of full disclosure, I bought a small stake back in May based on my reading of some of those earlier filings and am up about 15%. Footnoted regulars know that it’s something of a sport for me to hunt for pre-merger targets based on language disclosed in their public filings. Of course, whether the most recent agreement is just simple adminstrative mumbo-jumbo, or a sign of a pending deal, remains to be seen.


On a totally separate note, hopefully some of you have noticed the big change in Late yesterday, we launched a totally redesigned site. (If you’re reading this via email or an RSS feed, I hope you’ll take a minute to click here). A few people (in addition to me) worked very hard on this, including designer Jonathan Tessler of The Complex and David Martin of Nola Flash. Thanks, too, to the site’s new sponsors, 10KWizard and Insider Score. Footnoted gets lots of praise for its solid content. Now the look of the site can be strong, too.