Separated at birth?

images-11.jpegMaybe it’s just a weird coincidence, but Hertz (HTZ) and Blackstone Group (BX), which isn’t public yet, seem to be on the same filing schedule. Earlier Monday, both filed amended S-1s (Hertz’s is here and Blackstone’s is here), updating filings the two companies had each made on May 21.

A quick skim of Hertz’s amended filing shows that the company has added two additional underwriters: Deutsche Banc and Credit Suisse and that it expects the savings from layoffs to climb to $165 million, from $141 million reported earlier. The Hertz filing also provides some new details about the Carlyle Group, noting that it has $58.5 billion under management and had completed 636 deals for $132 billion since 1987, compared with the 528 deals worth $94 billion that was reported in the May 21 filing. Carlyle owns nearly 24% of Hertz and will own 19.2% following the current offering.

As for the Blackstone filing, it’s hard to tell what’s different since the shear size of the filing — 673 pages compared with 431 pages on May 21 — seemed to topple the nifty CompareWizard feature on 10KWizard that I rely on for sorting through these things and finding what’s new. Sure — you can do it by cutting and pasting in Word, but there’s really only so many hours in the day, right?

UPDATE: Dan Primack, over at PEHub is reporting that there’s not much new in Blackstone’s amended filing other than a document relating to a $3 billion investment by China and the addition of some high-profile directors, including former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.