Running for the boards…

images2.jpegNow that Tommy Thomspon has dropped his bid to run for President, there has to be a company or two where he can land a consulting gig or serve as a board member. A quick skim of SEC filings turns up at least five different companies that Thompson has been involved in, including Verichip (CHIP) which noted in the proxy it filed back in April that Thompson had stepped down from its board on March 8 to “devote his full time and efforts to running for President of the United States.”

There’s also Centene (CNC), whose board Thomspon was re-elected to back in late April and Pure Bioscience (PURE), which disclosed in this Q filed in June that Thompson owned about 1 million options, representing partial payment for a consulting contract that also pays him $12,500 a month. Come to think about it, that seems awfully cheap compared to the $175K a month that Rudy Guiliani was getting from Command Security (CMMD). Finally, there’s also Picis, which disclosed that Thompson was a board member in an S-1, but wound up withdrawing its registration statement last month.

Of course, none of these companies are particularly well known. And they certainly don’t offer the director fees and perks commonly found among the top-tier. So now that he presumably has lots of extra time, maybe Thompson will find a Fortune 100 board or two to sit on. Something in the health care industry perhaps, to reflect his former government role, like a United Health (UNH), perhaps.