Hidden disclosures ahead of 2nd Q releases

With earnings season about to kick off, we’ve begun to notice an interesting trend of companies sneaking new disclosures into one of the least read sections of any SEC filing or news release.

Ingersoll-Rand’s tax trouble may be even bigger than it seems

Ingersoll-Rand recently disclosed that its tax dispute with the IRS has gotten worse, by several hundred million dollars. But a little digging shows the real problem may be more than five times that size.

Diving into HP’s latest disclosures

HP’s stock has risen sharply over the past six months. But several new disclosures in the recent Q make us wonder if investors are looking beyond the hype.

Some less rosy numbers at ABM Industries

We spotted some unsettling numbers in ABM’s recent 10-Q — numbers that weren’t touted in its earnings release or conference call.

Vote counts: A look at significant annual meeting results

It’s annual meeting season, and that means two things: A lot of dull, predictable votes, and a few striking upsets. For the latter, look no further than the brouhaha over JPMorgan’s chairman/CEO vote, which transformed itself into a high-stakes, high-profile vote of confidence on Jamie Dimon’s performance. Dimon won, but it was bruising. And that’s […]

Tallying Uncle Sam’s giving moment

We’ve done a couple pieces so far this year (in late January and late April) on the impact of the big last-minute tax bill that Congress passed earlier this year, and related fiscal issues. Now we’re pulling together a number of disclosures on the subject from recent 10-Qs that we think are noteworthy. Why are we so interested in […]

Late filers: Who didn’t make the 10-Q deadline (and why)

Friday afternoon was the deadline for companies on a calendar year to file their 10-Qs, and we’re still digging out from under the avalanche. In the week leading up to the deadline, we counted just over 2,000 filings, with more than 700 of them coming in on Friday, and nearly 250 being filed after the […]

Behind the froth in Netflix’s earnings

Netflix filed its most recent Q at 5:31 on Friday afternoon and as with most Friday night dumps, there were some interesting disclosures in there.

Growing concerns in Intuitive’s latest filing

We found some interesting new disclosures in the Q that Intuitive Surgical filed just a day after reporting very solid earnings.

More shuffling at Cytec

On the same day that it released its first quarter earnings, Cytec Industries also announced changes to its reporting segments that caught our attention.