Quite a list…

January 22, 2004

While you have to give Sealed Air Corp. (SEE) points for outlining all of the changes that were made in their amended 10-K for 2002 (the initial K was filed back on March 28) since there’s no rule that requires companies to spell out the changes. Still, the list that’s in the document they filed yesterday is a bit daunting. “This amended 10-K amends and restates the original Form 10-K in its entirety,” the helpful note begins. The explanatory note then goes on to discuss numerous changes to the MD&A and footnotes — the most critical parts of any 10-K. These changes, it turns out, were not due to some deep digging on the company’s part, but rather an SEC review of its previously filed 10-K. The stock has climbed about 50 percent since the company filed that K.

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