Planting the seeds for a gold star…

monsanto_logo.JPGSeed company and agricultural giant Monsanto Co. (MON) has been a repeat visitor to during its mergers with both Seminis and Delta & Pine Land. Maybe Monsanto’s Board of Directors took note of the goodies its targets were handing out and decided to act. In any event, attached to Monsanto’s recent 10-K was this small exhibit detailing the Company’s new “Recoupment Policy”.

Under the terms of the recoupment policy, if, as a result of “misconduct”, the Company is required to restate its financials due to “noncompliance of the Company with any financial reporting requirement under the securities laws, each of the Company’s ‘Specified Executive Officers’ shall reimburse the Company for any incentive award made to such executive officer on the basis of having met or exceeded specific targets for performance periods” up to a year after the fraudulent filing.

Cook the books and give back that fat bonus — which, according to this other exhibit appended to the 10-K, ranged from $600,000 for the CFO all the way up to almost $2 million for President and CEO Hugh Grant. That’s plenty of reason not to defraud shareholders and it certainly earns a gold star.