Personal vs. business use of the BlackBerry…

images-1.jpegAnyone who uses a BlackBerry from Research in Motion (RIMM) or similar type of device knows it’s hard to distinguish between personal usage and business usage, though the IRS and apparently several Congressmen are clearly interested in trying. But judging by this proxy, Lifepoint Hospital’s (LPNT) accounting gurus have figured it out.

In a new disclosure, the company notes that some of the “other benefits” that make up “all other compensation” include “personal use of the individual’s blackberry”. The numbers that Lifepoint lists for this benefit — nearly $65K for CEO and President William F. Carpenter III — make it seem as if the company’s top executives have a bit of an addiction, though to be fair, the footnote also notes that the amounts listed also include “a special one-time payout in connection with the Company’s paid time off program”, which we’re certainly hoping is the bulk of the amount listed for Carpenter.

Otherwise, he may find his wife penning columns like this for major media outlets.