Paris Hilton’s romp through SEC filings…

Last week, we learned that Paris Hilton has a strong sense of irony. And on Friday, during a conference call following Sally Beauty’s third quarter earnings, we learned that Paris has some other hidden talents as well. Here’s what Sally President and CEO Gary Winterhalter had to say about Paris:

As you recall, in May we announced our agreement with Paris Hilton to sell her line of hair extensions in our US and Canadian Sally stores. The publicity Sally Beauty received since this product launch has been outstanding and we believe contributed to an increase in same store traffic and website traffic. The impressions from print, television, and online media reached more than 185 million and we expect similar results as we roll out more Paris Hilton products.

There’s a few things that are interesting here. For one, while the company announced the deal with Paris Hilton back in May, and even rolled out a corresponding website (annoying music warning on the latter), Paris was never mentioned in Thursday’s earnings release. As a result, none of the wire services picked up on the Paris connection. Also interesting is that under the best of circumstances, the products were only in stores for part of the quarter, so it seems a bit premature to hang an increase in same store sales on this. And then there’s that 185 million impressions number. Impressions are usually used to describe online ad traffic and it’s not really clear what Winterhalter is talking about here, or how that compares to previous quarters.

Later, during the call’s Q&A, Winterhalter added this: “Our hair extension business continues to be extremely strong. And as we expected, our association with Paris Hilton, not only on hair extensions, but bringing in a younger group of customers has accelerated the growth in some of our other categories and specific product lines that are geared at that younger generation.”

As it turns out, Sally Beauty’s filings weren’t the only SEC filings that Paris showed up in on Friday. In the 10Q that Parlux Fragrances (PARL) filed late Friday, the company noted that sales of Paris Hilton fragrances had fallen by $12.4 million.

Of course, judging by this story on the star’s newest boyfriend, MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe, spending Friday in a few SEC filings was probably the most boring place she was all day.