Our top ten perks of the 2011 proxy season!

Best of lists are normally the type of thing that you read in December or early January, when the news cycle is slow. That’s when we normally run our Worst Footnote of the Year contest.

But some things are on a different schedule, like proxies, for example. And now that practically all of the 2011 proxies are in, we decided to come out with another list: the
Top 10 Perks
(pdf) of the 2011 Proxy Season.

While most of these will be familiar to regular readers of footnoted, since almost all of them have appeared on the site in one fashion or another, we decided that it made sense to gather them into one easy-to-digest list.

Among those that made the cut were Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos’ especially good deal on $1.6 million in security and the $6 million that footnoted frequent flyer Chesapeake Energy (CHK) spent on tickets to Oklahoma City Thunder games.

Perhaps one day, there won’t be a need for lists like this. Or maybe one day, we’ll only be able to find five really crazy things. But judging from the 2011 proxy season, it doesn’t look as if that day is anytime soon.