Ooh la la….

In addition to being Chairman and CEO of Siebel Systems (SEBL) Thomas Siebel is also apparently a Parisian landlord. According to the company’s latest proxy, the company has been renting an apartment at 2 Blvd. Suchet from Siebel for the past five years. On Siebel’s corporate website, it lists the apartment as one of its four offices in Paris. The company first disclosed the relationship last year, even though it appears to have been in place since 1999, according to the most recent proxy. In 2002, Siebel the company paid Chairman and CEO Siebel $169,813 in rent for the apartment, which is on the same block as the embassies for Monaco and Belarus. In 2003, the landlord only charged the company one euro for the apartment, which the company said was worth approximately $235,000 in the proxy, or nearly 40 percent more than what it paid in 2002.