On how men and women differ…

images-3.jpegWhile footnoted tends to focus pretty exclusively on public companies and the things they bury in SEC filings, we can’t pass up interesting tidbits buried in the SEC filings of now-private companies.

Take the 10-K that Neiman Marcus filed earlier this week: Karen Katz, president and CEO of the Neiman Marcus stores division was the only top executive to receive a clothing allowance. Katz received $25,000, which based on my occasional forays into Neiman’s (I tend to prefer Nordstrom’s (JWN), myself) probably doesn’t buy an awful lot, especially on the designer floors, where I imagine Katz favors. After all, the CEO of stores can’t really be seen shopping off the sale racks!

Meanwhile, CEO Burton Tansky didn’t receive any clothing allowance. But he did get $12,000 for a car. And, Bergdorf Goodman President James J. Gold, who apparently relocated from Texas to New York, received a $167K “cost of living adjustment” and another $296K to reimburse him for New York state taxes.

Could this mean that women are more focused on clothes, while men are more focused on cars and taxes? After all, Gold probably needs to be well-attired too. And, perhaps more importantly, does anyone know why Neiman is still filing with the SEC since they went private two years ago?