Odds and ends…

It’s been hard to keep up with all the filings that have come out these past few days. So rather than focus on one company today, I’m going to list some of the interesting tidbits I and several other regulars have found buried in the filings this past week:

OPTIONS HOG: Scholastic (SCHL) Chairman and CEO Richard Robinson received 35% of all options granted last year, according to the proxy filed earlier this week.

LEGALESE: Unum Provident (UNM), which is still facing a wide range of subpoenas and lawsuits seeking information about the insurer’s business can now add Oklahoma to the list of states it has received a subpoena from, according to the Q filed earlier this week. In the current Q, the legal issues facing the company took up 11 pages, up from 8 pages a year earlier.

PHONE HOME: Goodrich (GR) disclosed in its proxy that it provides free long-distance service to each of its directors and executives. It’s not clear how long Goodrich has been providing this service, but this is the first time the company has chosen to disclose it.

FOR RENT: Marsh& McClennan (MMC) former CEO Jeffrey Greenberg looks like he will finally be giving up his Marsh paid office space. Under his separation agreement signed last year, the company agreed to provide Greenberg office space and secretarial support through the end of April, but extended it until August 31.

GETTING WARMER: Newpark Resources (NR), which announced back in May that it was searching for a new CEO must be close to announcing a deal. In an 8-K filed yesterday, the company disclosed that it had signed new agreements with both the CFO and COO that would provide them with 1.5 times their salary plus 1.5 times their target bonus if they lose their jobs within three years of a change in CEO.