Odds and ends…

oddsthumbnail.jpegOn Friday, Cablevision (CVC), which is in the process of going private, filed this 8-K, which defines the terms under which two more executives — Vice Chairman Hank Ratner and COO Thomas Rutledge — have access to the company’s corporate aircraft. A quick skim of the filing shows that the agreement is nearly identical to this agreement signed with Cablevision Chairman Charles Dolan and his CEO son, James, last November.

Judging by the proxy that Cablevision filed last month, Rutledge is definitely a frequent flyer. Indeed, at $396K, he spent about $15K more on personal use of Cablevision’s corporate aircraft than the elder Dolan did. But unlike the Dolans, there’s no detail in the proxy on whether Rutledge’s expenses include reimbursements to the company for his personal use.

Friday also saw yet another revised proxy for Tivo (TIVO), which we footnoted last Monday for its penchant for Tivoing its proxy. Friday’s filing primarily had to do with revisions related to the departure of CFO Steve Sordello. For those who are counting, that makes five proxies for Tivo since May 17.

Finally, for those who subscribe to foonoted via email, we appear to have straigtened out the problems we were having by switching subcriptions to Feedburner. Thanks for your patience!