Odds and ends…

odds.jpegBit of a hodge-podge today with no filings really worthy of a single post, but a few interesting tidbits that are have popped up over the past few days and seem pretty worthy when lumped together. At the top of the list was this employment agreement filed late Friday with Wachovia’s (WB) CFO. It’s not the agreement itself, though it was a bit unusual that Wachovia managed to dance around the question of salary. It’s the fact that Wachovia  announced that it was promoting Thomas Wurtz to the CFO job last January. Which leaves me wondering why it took 10 months to ink a contract that seems fairly boiler-plate.

Digital Insight (DGIN), which announced last week that it was being acquired by Intuit (INTU) in a $1.35 billion deal, waited until late Friday to file new change in control severance agreements for an unknown number of "eligible employees". Though the agreement wasn’t filed until Friday, the agreements became effective on Nov. 29, or the day before the deal with Intuit was announced.

Finally, there was this retirement agreement filed by Kohl’s Stores (KSS) with Arlene Meier, who stepped down as COO at the beginning of September and who will leave the board of directors at the end of February. In addition to an $880K "income payment", Meier will continue to receive a discount at Kohl’s stores for the rest of her life.