Obama-mania in the filings…

Let’s face it: the markets may be open today, but it’s hard to think about much else. And the filings, which seem to be a bit sluggish so far, are chock full of references to Barack Obama. Just this morning, I came across this 8K for tiny Smith Midland (SMID) which “was awarded the contract for the setting and removal of approximately 18,000 feet of concrete safety barrier, in Washington, D.C., during the January 2009 inauguration of President Elect Barrack Obama.” (Wow–just realizing they spelled his name wrong in the release!). There was also this 8K last week from Courier Corporation (CRRC) noting that one bright spot for the company was its Obama paper doll book.

Last week also saw four more resignations from various boards of directors — beyond those I wrote about for The Big Money on Sunday. Among those stepping down from boards is incoming SEC Chair Mary Schapiro, who resigned last week from Duke Energy (DUK) and Steven Chu, who announced his plans to step down from Nvidia (NVDA). Friday also saw this announcement from Donald Gips, who stepped down from the board of Mindspeed Technologies (MSPD) to become White House director of presidential personnel. There was also this 8K from Southwest Airlines (LUV) announcing that board member Louis Caldera was leaving to become director of the White House military office.

Of course, footnoted regulars know that when so much attention is focused on one particular thing, it’s a great opportunity to slip something in to the filings. So while we’ll be watching the events in D.C. today, we’ll also be paying extra close attention to the filings. No doubt, something juicy will find its way in there today.