Not part of the deal…

Last week, Kforce (KFRC), a Tampa-based staffing company, announced that it was acquiring Pinkerton Computer Consultants for $60 million. According to Pinkerton’s own site, the company has been around since 1967 and in its release, Kforce noted that about 1/3 of Pinkerton’s $95 million in revenues were generated by the government sector. A quick search shows that Pinkerton has developed an expertise in homeland security, according to this program from a conference earlier this month, which based on Kforce’s profile, would get the company into a new, fast-growing line of business.

But in order to get that government work, Kforce is likely to have to come up with other ways to entertain the folks handing out those contracts. That’s because according to the sales agreement, Pinkerton’s season tickets to the Yankees, Phillies, Knicks and Washington Nationals, as well as a beachfront condo in Florida are not part of the deal. Then again, it would probably be a lot harder for a publicly traded company to legitimately claim that season tickets to four different professional sports teams are a business expense.