Motorola’s CFO takes to the skies…

gulfstream.jpegYesterday afternoon, Motorola (MOT) filed this 8-K, which provided details about CEO Gregory Brown’s new salary, now that he’s taken over from Ed Zander. But it was the information about acting CFO Thomas Meredith — tacked on to the discussion about Brown — that caught my attention.

Almost as an afterthought, the company mentions that Meredith’s access to the company’s corporate jet is now 165 hours for personal use, up from the 125 that had been negotiated back in October, according to this 8-K. Why the 32% increase in corporate jet time? Yesterday’s filing doesn’t really say. And, given the decline in Motorola’s stock price since October, it’s even harder to understand.

Given Carl Ichan’s growing interest in Motorola, this seems like the type of thing he’ll be covering on his soon-to-debut blog.