More refreshing than Naked Juice at Google…

images3.jpegSummer may be officially over, but judging by this filing that Google (GOOG) made yesterday, at least some employees have reason to feel refreshed. And, no, we’re not talking about the free Naked juices that are reportedly available in the employee cafeteria. According to the filing, Google is handing out “refresher equity options” though it’s not clear from the filing how many are being handed out and to which employees.

As the filing notes, the options are eligible for the company’s Transferable Stock Option (TSO) program, Google’s unique program that we last footnoted here and which allows employees to sell vested options on a special exchange — something the filing notes “makes them more valuable to you”, which is new language in a Google filing and seems particularly well-timed, given how the WSJ reported today that Google is trading near an all-time high.

We also really liked this sentence in the filing — a not-too-subtle reminder to Google employees not to talk too much about their refresher options: “we ask that you be discreet when discussing your Google shares with others.” Just another reminder that talking about compensation remains taboo.