More good news?

Yesterday, stun gun maker Taser International (TASRE) announced that a wrongful death lawsuit against the company had been dismissed with prejudice, which sent the stock up about 11% yesterday. And there was today’s release that the company would be able to drop the E and resume trading on NASDAQ.

But in the Q the company filed yesterday, there were some interesting legal disclosures that didn’t make it into one of the three press releases that the company has put out in the past 24 hours. For example, while the company noted in yesterday’s release that this was the eighth wrongful death lawsuit to be dismissed, it failed to note that the number of product liability lawsuits which claim either wrongful death or personal injury, has more than doubled since the Q the company filed in late May.

Also missing from the release was that Taser is now suing James Ruggieri, a forensic engineer who has been very outspoken about the use of Taser’s products. In the Q, the company says it is suing Ruggieri for defamation, product disparagement and various other things. The suit was filed in circuit court in Indiana last month.