Lots of eye candy in Abercrombie PowerPoint…

Here at footnoted, we spend most of our time reading SEC filings — lots and lots of SEC filings. And while there are certainly plenty of interesting tidbits buried in those filings, most filings tend to be pretty dull affairs visually speaking. So imagine our surprise when we came across this PowerPoint presentation that Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) filed as part of this 8-K the other day.

We counted no fewer than 13 slides that featured shirtless dudes baring their pecs. That’s nearly 20% of the slides in the 67-slide deck. The PowerPoint was part of the company’s Investors Day earlier this week. The presentation seems to have gone well, judging by this brief WSJ article that notes that Abercrombie stock climbed over 8% on Tuesday, in part, it seems, based on the bullish projections made during the presentation. So there was some substance in between the eye-candy slides.

Being corporate governance geeks, we particularly liked slide No. 32, which touted Abercrombie’s corporate governance values next to a shirtless guy. The text? “We’ve been engaging. We’ve been listening. Our work isn’t done.” Indeed. We can only wonder what someone like Evelyn Davis or Nell Minow might say.

We hope for all of the sake of all of those models whose images grace the PowerPoint that their pictures were taken from Abercrombie catalogs. After all, we imagine it might be a bit of a tough sell to convince some up-and coming model that they’re going to appear in a PowerPoint that will be shown to a room full of sell-side analysts.

Over the years, we’ve written about other interesting PowerPoints, like this 90-page presentation made by fish campers A. Schulman (SHLM). There was also this 102-page Powerpoint that Best Buy (BBY) put out a few years ago.

Here at footnoted, we’re all for making SEC filings, or really anything related to SEC filings, more interesting. In fact, we nearly fell of our chairs when we saw this press release that the SEC put out the other day, complete with snazzy graphics. But we’re not sure that cutting and pasting a bunch of shirtless guys into a PowerPoint is the best way to go about this. Even if it does cause the stock to climb 8% in one day.

Image source: Abercrombie & Fitch


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