Live tweeting the Friday Night Dump

Careful readers — those that like to read footnotes — may have noticed that it’s been a few months since we’ve posted anything. There’s a good reason for that. Largely, it’s because I have been dealing with a complicated family health situation that makes it hard for me to focus on much else. But it’s also because there’s no real business model for providing free content on a niche subject like SEC filings. We have a Pro product that is designed (and priced) for institutional investors. But I know that product is simply unaffordable for individual users. I’m conscious of that and have given a lot of thought on ways to carve out some of our Pro content for non-institutional users.

That’s why I’m proud to unveil a new tool designed by the guys behind Bespoke that is a subset of our institutional product: the Friday Night Dump. Like footnotedPro, it does require a subscription. But at $20 a month, I’ve tried to make it affordable for a greater number of footnoted readers. Every Friday afternoon, we pay close attention to those filings that come in once the market is closed for the weekend. You can see some examples here. I hope you’ll consider subscribing as a way to support the unique content that footnoted strives to provide.

I also wanted to share with you a recent podcast that I did with Bespoke’s George Pearkes. You can listen to that for free here.