Live blogging SEC meeting on pay

July 1, 2009

We’re listening in this morning to the SEC’s Open Meeting on enhancing proxy disclosures, a subject that we cover frequently here at footnoted. You can listen to the hearing yourself here or follow my live tweets (and others who are listening in) here.

According to its just-released Fact Sheet, the Commission is “considering whether to propose a set of revisions to [its] rules that would improve the disclosure provided to shareholders of public companies regarding compensation and corporate governance matters when voting decisions are made.”

One group that will be at the hearing is the Center on Executive Compensation. According to its web site, the group “strongly opposes the rationale for and the impact of an annual vote on pay.”

Since executive compensation issues have gotten so much attention lately and affect not only executives, but also investors, employees, and the general public (we pay the price for those goods and services, after all), this should be an interesting hearing.

UPDATE: Now that the meeting is over, here’s the WSJ’s take. Was actually surprised that there weren’t many people — there’s a small community of people on Twitter interested in this sort of thing — who were following today’s events. We’ll post statements from the various commissioners as soon as they show up on the SEC site. So far, only Comm. Paredes’ statement is available.

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  1. b. lehman writes:
    May 20, 2013

    not sure what happened to my original comment I wrote on this subject back in 2009; nonetheless, it’s nice to see that mutual funds are finally becoming a bit more activist.

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