Like a kid in a toy shop with more than $100 million bucks…

Earlier today, Toys R Us (TOY) filed its definitive proxy, which assuming shareholders vote in favor of the $6.6 billion deal in a meeting set for June 23, is going to mean a very happy summer for the company’s top executives. How happy? My trusty calculator started smoking at one point as I added up the numbers.

The 7 top executives will receive:
$53.2 million in stock for cancelled options
$15.5 million for restricted stock
$32.2 million in severance
$21.92 million in tax gross-up payments

John Eyler Jr., the top executive at Toys R Us, is set to walk away with nearly half of the $122.82 million destined for the gang of seven: $55.97 million according to the filing, which given the fact that he’s only been with the company since January 2000, seems like a pretty spectacular reward.