Late to the Q party…

As we’ve been noting for much of the past week, Monday was a big deadline for 10-Qs. While we’re still digging through the stacks of filings, we’ve started paying closer attention to those companies that haven’t managed to get their Qs in on time.

While the reasons for being late vary from a switch in accounting firms to more serious accounting irregularities, paying attention to those who can’t get their filings in on time can be very interesting. This morning, we posted about one of those companies — American Apparel (APP) — over on the footnoted portal on Research Edge. You can get access to that post by sending an email here.

We’ve also paired up with our new friend, the SEC Data Guy to pull together a list of every late filer so far. That list will be available for sale later today and you can contact me if you have any questions about that.