It’s good to be king at Zynga…

It’s earnings season, which usually means one thing: companies try to hide things in the mass of 8-Ks that come out at this time of year. Often, this means burying something in the same 8-K that announces the earnings. But sometimes, companies employ a two-for-the-price of one technique, filing one 8-K that gets all the attention, while another 8-K attracts virtually none.

Take Zynga (ZNGA), for example, which, as you may have heard, reported 2nd quarter earnings that hit the market like a brick. The stock fell nearly 40% yesterday and is down about 70% from its IPO last December.

Given Zynga’s high profile, not to mention its ties to Facebook (FB), which reported its own disappointing earnings yesterday, there’s been quite a few pixels devoted to the subject, including this piece on that sensationalizes the fact that Zynga CEO Mark Pincus is no longer a billionaire. We’ve also counted 6 law firms that are “investigating” the company.

Given this, it’s not so surprising that nobody seems to have picked up on the other 8-K that Zynga filed on Tuesday. According to the SEC time-stamp, it was filed only two minutes after the earnings were released. Short and sweet, the filing notes that Pincus now controls just over 50% “of the total voting power” as of July 24. It’s not entirely clear when, but apparently investors in Zynga Class B stock sold their shares to Pincus. Since Class B shares are entitled to 7 votes (as opposed to 1 vote for Class A shares), that pushed Pincus over the 50% hurdle.

Given the earnings news, Pincus can either view this as very good timing (being a controlled company certainly has its perks, like not really having to listen to shareholders), or very bad, since more of a sinking ship isn’t always a good thing.

Whatever his thinking, we’re quite sure that the timing of that second 8-K wasn’t a mere coincidence.

Image source: Zynga


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