Is it a cult or a group of investors?

A few weeks ago, I came across this 8-K, which piqued my interest. I had never heard of this company, but that’s not so unusual since I don’t tend to read filings for tiny companies on the OTC. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day!

The filing  was made very late on a Friday night — so late that it wasn’t publicly available until Monday morning. People who have been following footnoted for awhile know that we’ve long talked about the #fridaynightdump. But there’s also a #mondaymorningdump for those filings made after 5:30 pm est when EDGAR closes for the day.

As I began to explore the company some more, including reaching out to some of its most ardent followers/promoters on FinTwit, I felt as if I was being sucked into the Matrix. You can read about it here in my latest piece for Bloomberg Opinion.