If you can’t beat them…

2.jpegAs regulars know, I’m one of the last people to buy into the hype. So why did I get to the Apple (AAPL) store at the Palisades Center this morning shortly after 9 am? I’m still not sure. But since I normally spend my days reading filings at footnoted world HQ and I can easily do that here at the mall, I figured it wasn’t all that different. Michael, the guy who’s at the head of the line got here at 5:30 last night and since you’re technically not allowed to sleep in the mall, he’s been up ever since. Ah, to be young again! Or wired on something better than an iced latte!

And now here’s the interactive part of this post: I’m #20 in line and plan to buy two IPhones. The second one will be auctioned off via a blind auction with all proceeds going to a recognized charity (that’s one with a 501c designation as opposed to’s own non-profit work) of the winning bidder’s choice. So send your bids (no money, just what you’re willing to donate) here. Bids will be accepted until noon eastern on Monday.

If you’re at the Palisades Mall today, be sure to stop by and say hi. And, yes, I’ll still be looking through the filings today. Wouldn’t it be particularly ironic if Apple filed something interesting later today?