How can you get this job?

A regular points to an interesting job description in the proxy filed by 1-800 Flowers (FLWS) on Monday — one that I’ve yet to see anywhere else, even on craigslist!

The sister of Chairman and CEO James McCann and President Christopher McCann, was employed last year as a Personality Expert Designer, whatever that means. Julie Mulligan’s other title, which is a little bit easier to decipher, is Director of Photography. Last year, according to the proxy, she was paid $129K in salary and bonus. It’s not clear how long sis has been on the payroll, though it is the first time that the company is disclosing her employment in their filings.

As the regular notes: “I know a few people whose personality needs a redesign, but I doubt they’d pay me north of $100K to do the job.” My thoughts exactly. With each new proxy, there seems to be some new disclosure about a relative on the payroll in some cushy-sounding job.