Holiday greetings from “the brain” behind…

kumara-sec.jpg People often ask me how I read so many SEC filings. Now the secret can be told: I have a very capable assistant, who works for marrow bones (sometimes stuffed with peanut butter) and the ability to pull the squeaky out of stuffed toys. Meet Kumara, who each night, scans hundreds of seemingly boring SEC filings and finds the nuggets that you read here on

The staff at wants to wish each and every one a happy last night of Hanukkah, a wonderful Christmas and a year full of wonders and surprises (especially late on a Friday before a holiday weekend). And, a quick programming note, I’ll be appearing on CNBC at 11:20 today to talk about Hank McKinnell’s hefty payout, so gotta fly. There’s a link to the interview here, though be forewarned that CNBC apparently changed its policy over the weekend and now requires people to subscribe for a fee.