Holiday greetings from team footnoted!

Every day that the SEC is open, the folks here at footnoted trawl through Edgar (well, actually 10KWizard, which is now known as Morningstar Document Research) to find the nuggets, pearls, giant stinking piles of poop, and, yes, some rare diamonds, that publicly traded companies pass off as their public disclosures to investors both large and small.

We do it for each of you, of course, our loyal readers, many of whom have been reading the site since the very beginning, when it was just me and the late-great brain, Kumara, steadily rowing the boat across the River Styx.

Following Morningstar’s acquisition of footnoted in Feb. 2010, we were able to build a small team, who join me day in and day out on this mission to help dig through the mud that often passes as corporate disclosure.

We all work in different places and only really get together a few times a year at Morningstar’s offices in Chicago. The rest of the time, we live on IM, email, texting and the cloud to communicate with one another about our latest finds. So the four children pictured above — Soren, Max, Ian and Aliyah — have never actually met one another. Chalk the picture up to the talents of Mr. footnoted, aka my husband, Scott Cooper, an animator/storyboard artist who’s also a black belt in Photoshop.

Hopefully, by the time our children are ready to start investing on their own, they won’t have to dig through a 1,000 page 10-K to find out what’s really going on. Or, perhaps even know what the words “tax gross up” actually means. That’s our collective holiday wish!

Happy holidays!


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Over on footnotedPro, we’re preparing for tonight’s pre-Christmas Friday night dump. With most people already out the door for the holidays, we’re expecting some interesting disclosures later today. For more information or to inquire about a trial subscription, please contact us.